Monday, April 14, 2014

Welcome to the Developer practices Blog

Developer practices? not a typo for Development Practices
The goal of this blog is to share my personal experience and findings on what makes a successful developer. Yes, part of it is how we code: Designing, programming, debugging, etc; but also what do we do when we aren't coding: Communication, preparation, time management, networking.

When I am coaching and mentoring other developers they are usually surprised by my two main personal reasons for implementing sound developer practices : Be lazy, be replaceable.

Then I go on to explain how those two reasons translate to being a professional developer. As you read this and the following posts I hope you'll see how most if not all good practices eventually lead to those two goals.

When is being lazy a good thing?
It is a good thing when you do things that make your work easier. It is called "working smart". 

Establishing and following good practices removes the grunt work and the guess work of your daily job and allows you to focus on what is really unique. You think about things once, not every time you are confronted with the same issue. In the end reducing the number of decisions increases your productivity.

I want to get out of this job!
I know this is not everyone's goal; some people are comfortable doing day in and day out the same thing and being considered "the experts". For me, the ability to finish a job ensuring that someone can take from where I left it allows me to constantly go to new things without being dragged back by my "expertise" in one area.

I hope to see you around regularly
This will start with a weekly blog, until I either run out of things to say and slow down or your feedback gives me more ideas to put on this pages.

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